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    Who Are We & Why U Should Shop HERE!

    Welcome to THECloset!

    Our fashion philosophy is simple and one we are all familiar with: Reduce, ReUse & Recycle. By buying second hand, we reduce the amount of natural resources needed for the production of new items, reduces environmental damage, and the human toll of labour that may be underage and underpaid.

    This is the closet you wish you had at home, jam packed with a wide range of clothing, footwear and accessories that are NWT, NWOT, Vintage and Pre-owned.  Whether you are into Italian designers or international trendsetters – dig deep enough into our closet and you will find what you are looking for.

    For your everyday and professional style, try our  eBay storefrontIt will always have a great selection of our sale items for impulse buying and quick shipping! The most up-to-date and complete selection of clothing, footwear, accessories, and miscellaneous items, whereas the boutique at focuses exclusively on the unique luxury pieces.

    Background on Kitsilano Kitty's Closet

    After decades of thrifting for fun and friends, I (and my Greek partner in life) decided to start re-selling online so in August 2012, we – Helen Siwak & Vlassis Xanthopoulos - started thrifting for treasures, scouring craigslist, hitting yard sales and working with local Vancouver retail stores move their deadstock and out of season items. It has been a blast and we continue to find more treasures every day. (Click here to read 'Bio's, Beauty and Beasts' about KKC's founding members and the people we work with!)

    We hope you enjoy our Blah Blah Blah'g and find it fun and informative. Please send us photographs of your purchases in their new homes – we would love to showcase them!

    Best wishes,

    Helen & Vlassis